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Joy Sen (USA)
This is the most impressive website I have seen.
As far as Angkor is concerned it is not only impressive, it is also very informative (with plans every stage of the  monuments and accompanying photographs) with well taken photographs, starting with an overview and ending with details.
Congratulations to the author. January 2006
Y.Charles (France)
I've never write on a webguest book, but now, I have to: I'm very impressed by this website. I think it's the most complete I have ever seen deeling with cambodia,
included cave prasath from kampot province, that are quite unknwon, and indeed only known by a few peoples and hard to find.
Congratulation, I have no stronger words to express what I feel.
Asger Mollerup
Fantastisk site - even I do not read Japanese.
I have been doing research on Khmer temples in NE-Thailand and am preparing a reasarch tour after the 8 Dharmasalas from Muang Tam to Preah Khan.
Online Wanderer
WOW perfect site on Angkor Ruins. Thanks for documenting the Angkor Ruins and providing/sharing pictures with us all. This is by far the best Website on Angkor Ruins on the web. So many pictures and temples. A nice addition to this website is maybe also documenting the Khmer Wats throughout Cambodia such as Wat Phnom, Wat Lanka, Wat Ounalom etc. Also the Pre-Angkor ruins such as Lovek and Oudong. VERY GOOD site, keep up the good work.
Great Site. This site has sooo many pictures, the best site on Angkor Ruins so far
on the web. I think there are sooo many other Angkor ruins not listed on your site, like Angkor ruins in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The only thing that I could suggest is maybe have an English translation. Anyways, I'll keep coming back to this site for reference on Angkor Temples.
BEAUTIFUL! I love the mass amount of pictures taken of the Khmer temples! "Two
thumbs-up" for this site!
Blake W.
I just stumbled upon this site and I got to say, it is defientely the best site of
 Angkor on the web to date. Like what everybody have notice about the site, "MANY
PICTURES!" Not are they alot, but beautifully taken! Keep up the great work Naoki H.
guest (Canada)
Great work Naoki Hatano! You have gave me more knowledge of temples of Angkor I
have never known before nor seen! I like the way you have pictures with desciptions, it
gives me a better understanding. Wonderful site overall!
One word that came to mind when I saw this site, "AMAZING"! Now this is a great site for reference on the Angkor ruins.
I feel so bad for not knowing about this site earlier! I've seen sites about Khmer
temples, but "" is definitely the best on the web today. SOOOOO much pictures, mind-blowing! Very excellent site indeed! Excellent work!
Naoki Hatano, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much. Thank you for your
dedication to showing the Angkor ruin to the world. I wish this site to be up forever for
the future generation of Khmers and people of the world that are unable to visit these
ruins to see the beauty that the Khmers have left the world for us to see. I hope you make a book one day of all the beautiful photographs that you have taken of the Angkor ruins to be purchased. Domo arigato Naoki Hatano-san, may you live a long and happy life.
Khmer Dude
WOW! This is definitely the best web-page I have "EVER" been to about the Angkor
temples! The amount of pictures for many of the temples are not to be found anywhere on the web, except on this page! Its just amazing! I am still blown away by the hard work and dedication by Naoki Hatano to put up such a page! Extremely well done! Keep up the amazing work Naoki H.!!!
Wow, you have the most comprehensive information on Khmer temples.  CONGRATULATIONS for creating this amazing website.  Thank you!
Varman Son
I'm very pleased to tour your good website. I have found many important documents from your website. In the name of a Cambodian boy I would like to say "thanks you very much for your distribution"Arigato goshai imashu". In the Khmer New Year 2547 coming soon I wish you Triple Gem and New Tevada take care you and your whole family be happy for forever.

池田 隆彦